In front of the factory there is a small park landscaped. A hill of green grass with a cluster of small skinny birches. The sun is shadowed by the tall chimneys.
Through the trees a line of people is entering, moving in a peculiar way.

They are approaching from the right and passing out to the left. Their right arms are waving or rather pulling. Remembering.

Husum, by the coast of the Baltic Sea.

Blånagla – ARTfest 2021
Ellen Nylander, Håkan Bring, Minna Mannelqvist, Mats Wikström, Sven Teglund, Suchart Wannaset and Ylva Westerlund and also Anita Jonsson, Lars-Ola Augustsson, Eivor Augustsson och Gertrud Edlund from the  Blånagla choir.

Blånagla – ARTfest
Premiere for the artfest in 2020.

Blånagla – Danceopera
A sitespecific art project during 2 years which resulted in a full length performance including new choreography for professional dancers in cooperation with amateaurs, new composed and performed music and film.

The project aimed to, in an industrial area, through cultural activities broaden and implement contemporary art and widen the audience for it. Working with retired industrial workers in workshops during a year, the artists in the project established a good contact with this industrial small town and succeded in create an atmosphere where the participants shared their memories and  experiences, both literally and physically. These experiences was the ground in the creative process where artist and the participants together worked to develop the final performance.

This was the first  time this kind of art project had been realised in this town and the first time for many hundreds of people to see such a performance.

Blånagla – The Movie
The Husum site specific dance opera Blånagla (2014-2016) will in the summer of 2018 be developed and transformed into film. The filming will take place in rural communities around Husum and the North Baltic Sea. Premiere 2019.

In association with Grundsunda Framtidsgrupp, Örnsköldsviks Municipality, Umeå European Capital of Culture 2014, Grundsunda assembly, County Administrative Board of Västernorrland, Region Västernorrland, Riksteatern, Pappers section 143 and The National Association Folkets Hus och Parker.

Implemented in collaboration and with the support of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and the Swedish Arts Council.